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Container flexible tanks


Flexitank is a sealed cushion-shaped elastic container made from a polymeric material. Flexitank containers are folded
into ordinary 20 ft and 40 ft ISO containers and filled with the fluid of different viscosity.

The main purpose of the application of flexible packaging - optimization of transportation of bulk cargoes significant parties «door to door», that is, from door to door with minimal effort.

Easy to use container inserts causes their almost unlimited use. In container liners can be transported and stored not only safe and dry products, but also petroleum products, acids and fertilizers.

The main advantage of the elastic linings of Neftetank Group of Companies is the possibility container reusability.


A three-layer material is not used for our tanks, but rather our exclusive polymeric material, as is the case for conventional containers.

Suspensions perimeter
Steel stiffeners
Ball valve


Transportation of bulk cargo and container in flexitanks linings has several advantages over the already widely known methods of transportation in barrels and tanks.

  • Eliminates the cost of transporting tares

    Articles of transport costs are excluded costs distilled empty tanks to the loading and after unloading return
    with subsequent works for cleaning the tank.

  • Made of chemically neutral materials

    A very important factor is that during manufacture of aseptic flexitanks, chemically neutral materials
    which do not adversely impact on the product and the environment are used.

  • High level utilization

    Useful degree of filling a 20 ft container is 23-25 ​​m³ and a 40 ft is 65-70 m³. As a percentage of product transported
    in barrels above 40%, and packaged in bottles of over 50%, significantly reducing transport costs in tons/kilometer.

  • Light weight and small dimensions

    The weight of one empty elastic tank intended for the carriage of goods in volume of 23 000 litres does not exceed 50 kg. During delivery of packaged flexitanks (of any volume) to the place of loading in one ISO container 50 pieces are placed.

  • Multiple use

    After use, the linings can be «collapsed», taken to the refilling point again for refilling. No limit on the number of such operations.

  • Delivery of dangerous goods

    Unlike ordinary plastic container linings flexitanks in such goods can be transported as oil, acid and reactive reagents.

  • Long-term storage

    Container liners are designed for long-term safe storage of goods in warehouses and outdoor areas. In a closed container, stored bulk cargo, container and additional equipment will be safe.

    Small size for transport and storage, the high rate of payload, its own light weight, and the ability to make use of reusable container liners are extremely profitable.

Production technology and production is certified according to state requirements. Reusable Container Linings have successfully passed all test trials by the rules of transportation by road, sea and rail.

container flexible tankscontainer flexible tanks
Neftetank Group of Companies develops and implements innovative technologies in the production of flexible reservoirs.
We are «Container flexible reservoirs» and «Reservoir Flexible Polymeric Linings» patent holders


Handling does not require special skilled personnel. Container linings fit into a standard container for transport by road,
sea or rail.

For transportation in 40-foot container strengthening the walls of the container is required. Neftetank Group of Companies
on agreement shall perform such work.

Time to prepare for loading is about 30 minutes for team of 3 persons. Time to fill the container is within 30-60 minutes depending on the capacity of the transfer pump.

For filling or draining transfer pump required. All other technical fittings are included in the elastic insert.


  1. Container liner;
  2. Canopy;
  3. Bulkhead/partition;
  4. Beams for fastening the partitions.

Additional materials can be supplied: a pump; a gauge; vent air outlet during filling; connecting hoses with quick couplings like «Cam-lock»; ball valves. The accessories are designed for standard 2 or 3 inches.

The product is completed with a set of complete carefully packaged technical documentation.

To sum up, let us cite a comparative table of the main parameters necessary for transporting flexible tanks.

Comparative table

Characteristic Flexitank Container IBC container
Number of units in the ISO standard container piece 1 85   20
Container capacity in litres 23 000 207   1 000
Useful volume in ISO container 23 000 17 589   20 000
Average filling time in minutes 40 120 120
Average preparation time in hours 0,5 3 3
Number of operators (persons) 2 3 3
Operating space low high moderate

The price of a Flexitank is determined by its type depending on transport destination, quantity and strength of protective layers, size, and does not exceed the cost of a traditional container for a corresponding volume.


Call 8-800-500-54-48! We shall help you choose the elastic container that fully meets your requirements. We shall also instruct you in detail as to how to derive maximum benefits
from the use flexitanks and other information on their use, cost and delivery date.

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