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Container flexible tanks


Flexitank is a sealed pillow-shaped flexible container made from a polymer-based material. Flexitank container liners are inserted into ordinary 20 ft and 40 ft ISO containers and filled with various viscosity fluids for transportation.

Prices for our Flexitanks start at 95,000 rubles depending on the volume, purpose, any additional equipment, packaging, delivery services, and the need for a representative to visit our company to learn how to operate the equipment correctly.

User-friendly container inserts have almost unlimited application use. Container liners can transport and store not only standard and dry products but also petroleum products, acids, and fertilizers.

Within the Russian market Flexitanks (Flexitank, Flexi-tank, Flexi tank, or Flexible tank) are usually imported disposable products. Disposable flexitanks are made of polyethylene or polyamide and are intended for single-use transport of water, oils, wine, and other bulk cargoes. However, we at “Neftetank" offer reusable flexitanks. Although the initial outlay for one of our Flexitanks will be slightly higher, your overall operational cost will ultimately decrease due to their reusability.

Flexitank manufactured by Neftetank

A distinctive feature of our Flexitanks is that they are made from a unique polymer material, designed for reusable use and resistant to almost any liquid.

One of the main things that set our Flexitanks apart is their ability to store oil. Conventional flexitanks do not allow for the storage, much less transporting of oil and oil-based products. However, our Flexitanks can be used as storage tanks for diesel fuel; and as the manufacturer, we can produce tanks of any volume.

Our streamlined production of Flexitanks are available for 20 ’or 40’ containers, and we also offer both customized and standard sized flexitanks from our warehouse. A principal advantage of a Neftetank Flexitank is its ability to be used again and again.


Instead of a three-layer material used for conventional containers, our Flexitanks employ an exclusive polymeric material.

Suspensions perimeter
Steel stiffeners
Ball valve


Bulk cargo transportation using flexitanks and container liners offer several benefits over the already widely known methods of transportation in barrels and tanks.

  • Excludes the cost of moving empty containers

    The cost of driving empty tanks to the point of loading and returning after unloading, along with the subsequent cleaning of the tanks are either significantly reduced or eliminated from transport expenses.

  • Made of chemically neutral materials

    An essential factor in the manufacture of flexitanks is that they are fabricated from chemically inert materials so that they do not damage or unduly influence the transported product.

  • Greater payload

    Flexitanks offer effective use of filling 20 ft (23-25 ​​m³) and 40 ft (65-70 m³) containers. Allowing for approximately 40% more product compared to barrel storage and over 50% more than bottled packaging. This significantly reduces transport costs per ton/kilometer.

  • Lightweight and small dimensions

    A single empty 23,000 liter Flexitank does not exceed 50 kg. During delivery of packaged flexitanks (of any volume) to the point of delivery in one ISO container, up to 50 items are possible.

  • Reusable

    After use, the linings can be “rolled up or folded” and returned to the refilling point again for reuse. There is practically no limit to the number of times this can be done.

  • Long-term storage

    Container liners are designed for the safe long-term storage of goods in warehouses and outdoor areas. In a closed container, stored bulk cargo, and any additional equipment will remain secure.

Flexitanks compact transport and storage size, coupled with their enormous payload ability, and lightweight material, make the use of reusable container liners extremely profitable.

container flexible tankscontainer flexible tanks
Neftetank and its subsidiaries are continually developing and implementing innovative technology in the production of flexible reservoirs. We are “Container Flexible Reservoir” and “Flexible Polymer Liners for Reservoirs” patent owners and holders.


Handling does not require special qualified personnel. Container linings fit into a standard container for transport by road, sea or rail.

For transportation using a 40-foot container, strengthening the container walls is required. If agreed upon, Neftetank and its subsidiaries can carry out such work.

Before filling, preparation time takes no more than 30 minutes with a team of two to three people. Actual filling time is approximately only 30-60 minutes, depending on the capacity of the transfer pump.

For filling or discharging a pump is required; however all other required fittings and accessories are included in the Flexitank package.


  1. Container liner;
  2. Canopy;
  3. Bulkhead/partition;
  4. Beams for fastening the barriers.

Additional accessories can be supplied, such as a pump, a gauge, air release valve (if required for during filling), and connecting hoses with quick couplings like “Cam-lock” ball valves. Standard 2-3 inch fittings are designed and used for their operation.

All products come carefully packaged and with their respective comprehensive technical documentation.

Below is a table comparing the principle factors between the various storage methods available.

Comparative table

Characteristic Flexitank Barrel IBC container
Number of units per standard ISO container 1 85 20
Container capacity in litres 23 000 207 1 000
Useful volume in ISO container 23 000 17 589 20 000
Average filling time in minutes 40 120 120
Average preparation time in hours 0,5 3 3
Number of operators (persons) 2 3 3
Operational space required low high moderate

The price of a Flexitank is determined by its type, which is dependent on the product to be transported, the quantity and strength of protective layers, and overall size. However, it does not exceed the cost of a traditional storage method for a corresponding volume.


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