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Potable water reservoirs

Flexible tanks (neftetanki) for potable water series MR-HT are flexible containers produced from special high-quality polymeric material for transportation and storage of drinking water, oil, wine and other drinkables.

These containers are made from absolutely safe polymeric material, tested for safety
and compatibility with food products. This makes the use of the containers for the transportation
or storage purposes immediately without additional cleaning up.

Moreover, production of the containers passes through several successive stages, each of which is a check against harmful microorganisms, which ensures ninety-nine percent safety of the final product - the ready tank.

MR-HT reservoirs are much cheaper than their metal counterparts significantly lighter and more mobile.

Neftetank Group of Companies is the owner of «Frost tank»
and «Heating Tank System» patents


Firstly, the flexible water tanks series MR-NT are used for transporting drinking water and other drinkables. This is especially
so for areas affected by environmental or other anthropogenic occurrences. In addition, flexible tanks are used to deliver water to areas endowed with water bodies.

Variety of modifications MR-HT tanks makes it possible to transport them with the various means of transport, by road as well as by, which significantly increases the possibility of delivery in remote areas.

Very often MR-NT reservoirs are used to store drinkables. For example, in countries with a dry climate and scarce drinking water, establishing a "water base" with flexible tanks allows year-round supply of clean drinking water to the population
and does not require a significant investment in the construction of permanent structures.

Thanks to the possibility of equipping potable water elastic reservoirs water heating system, it can be used even under extreme cold temperatures.

The product is completed with a set of complete carefully packaged technical documentation.


Using flexible potable water tanks series MR-HT has several advantages, such as:

  • high load capacity of the tank, its small weight and size when empty;
  • safe environmentally-friendly packaging;
  • closed volume and the absence of vapor-air mixture inside the tank, avoiding the possibility of water contamination
    by microorganisms and its evaporation in case of long-term storage;
  • inertness of the material to the stored substance;
  • possibility of delivery by various means of transport to remote areas;
  • cost-effective during application;
  • materials from which the ​​tanks are produced are not subject to climatic, chemical and other adverse impacts;
  • flexible tanks are resistant to physical impacts;

The price potable water tanks depends on its volume, and the manner of use (transportation, stationary storage, etc.).


Order or buy flexible potable water reservoirs on tel: 8-800-500-54-48. Our experts will provide all the necessary consultations and explain in detail all the nuances and benefits of this technology and how to use it.

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