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Potable Water Reservoirs

The storage of safe drinking water is a responsible task. Only completely safe polymer materials are used to manufacture flexible tanks for the delivery and storage of drinking water, following sanitary standards.

In the recent past, the storage of drinking water was carried out exclusively by metal tanks. Recently developed modern technology now allows for the production of flexible tanks to deliver and store drinking water. Whether at industrial sites, construction sites, within oil and gas fields or in hard-to-reach areas, these tanks can serve as a principal or additional source of drinking water.

Prices for water tanks start at 15,000 rubles depending on the capacity, the total capacity of the warehouse, any additional equipment, delivery services, installation, and service package for future maintenance.

A warehouse can be arranged if a storage system is necessary to contain a large amount of drinking water. In this case, individual containers are connected using a common pipe manifold. The individual capacity of each tank within the warehouse must be equal and can include tanks with a capacity of up to 500m3.

Since delivering drinking water through long-distance pipelines takes up substantial material resources, the availability of a stationary drinking water supply is an excellent alternative. Such drinking water warehouses with flexible tanks, together with pumping modules and a patented flexible tank heating system, can provide a year-round supply of drinking water at any facility with the required quantity.

Apart from being lightweight, flexible drinking water tanks, are resistant to corrosion, easy to install and maintain, giving them many advantages over metal tanks.

Flexible tanks (Neftetank) for potable water series MR-HT are flexible reservoirs produced from special high-quality polymeric materials for the transportation and storage of drinking water, oil, wine, and other consumable liquids.

These containers are tested for safety and made from completely safe polymeric materials compatible with food products, allowing for the immediate use of the tanks for transportation or storage without any additional cleaning.

Moreover, during production tanks pass through several successive stages, each of which is a check against harmful microorganisms, ensuring ninety-nine percent safety of use for the final product - the finished tank.

MR-NT reservoirs are much cheaper than their metal counterparts, significantly lighter and more mobile.

Neftetank and its subsidiaries are the owners of “Frost Resistant Tank” and “Heating Tank System” patents


Primarily, the MR-NT series flexible water tanks are used for transporting drinking water and other consumable liquids. However, these flexible tanks are also used to provide water to areas with limited water resources; this is especially true for the delivery of water to areas affected by environmental or human-made disasters.

MR-NT tanks offer a variety of modifications allowing them to be transported by land or air using various methods, increasing the possibility of delivery to remote areas.

Often MR-NT reservoirs are used to store consumable liquids. For example, in countries with a dry climate and scarce water sources, establishing a "water-base" with flexible tanks can provide a year-round supply of clean drinking water for the local population, and does not require a significant investment in the construction of permanent structures.

Thanks to the possibility of equipping a potable water flexible reservoir with a heating system, it can be used even in extremely cold temperatures.

All products come carefully packaged and complete with all necessary technical documentation.


Using MR-NT series flexible potable water tanks have several advantages, such as:

  • The large load capacity of the tank, yet light-weight, and small size when empty;
  • Safe environmentally-friendly packaging;
  • Closed volume and absence of air-vapor mixture inside the tank, circumvents the possibility of water contamination by microorganisms and evaporation during long-term storage;
  • Inert to the stored substance;
  • Deliverable by various means of transport to remote areas;
  • Low installation and operational costs;
  • Tank materials are not subject to climatic, chemical and other adverse impacts;
  • Flexible tanks are resistant to physical impacts.

Potable water tank prices depend on volume, and the manner of use, (transportable or stationary storage or other).


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