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Tanks for Fertilizer

Today, for the storage of agricultural fertilizers, flexible polymer containers for fertilizers, Agrotanks, are chosen. Suitable for temporary and long-term storage, they allow you to store a seasonal stock of fertilizers or organize a rotating warehouse, which ultimately reduces the cost of the final product. Complex liquid fertilizers are stored in flexible tanks because their manufacturability and high digestibility rates make them preferable and more profitable to use compared to dry fertilizers.

Prices for fertilizer tanks start at 20,000 rubles depending on the volume of the container, the total capacity of the warehouse, any additional equipment, delivery, installation, and a service package for future maintenance.

Flexible containers offer convenient and safe liquid fertilizer storage since they can be used all year round. Farmers can purchase in advance and avoid costly seasonal price fluctuations.

For the manufacture of our polymer tanks, the latest generation high-precision automated Swiss equipment, advanced production technologies, and innovative polymer materials are used. Mobility, low weight, and small dimensions when folded characterize our flexible tanks. They are resistant to stored contents, chemical aggressors, and climatic influences, possessing anticorrosive properties. Flexible containers are a new fresh solution allowing you to safely and conveniently organize both the storage and transportation of fertilizers.

Operational Features of Agricultural Tanks

Unique functional characteristics of flexible tanks allow for the quality storage of fertilizers. Personnel with specialized skills are not required for installation, which can completed in a single shift. Furthermore, foundation works are not necessary, nor is the use of heavy equipment.

The empty mass of a flexible tank with a capacity of 250 m³ is about 500 kg, in contrast, a metal tank of the same volume would weigh about 14,000 kg.

Upon delivery, a liquid fertilizer flexible storage tank takes no more than an hour to prepare and install with a team of 3-5 people. Since the reservoirs are suitable for repeated use, they can be rolled up and used at a new facility. You can even move it to a new location in a passenger car when emptied. A minimum life-span is ten years. With the help of flexible reservoirs, it is possible to create a “warehouse” (storage system) for storing fertilizers in extreme conditions. In winter, it is possible to organize the heating of flexible Agrotanks to preserve the properties of the contents. The deployment and installation work of a two thousand cubic meter liquid fertilizer storage system can be carried out in less than 24 hours.

Neftetank and its subsidiaries are offering customers this new and innovative product. Using unique technology and cutting edge materials, our flexible reservoirs are designed for the transportation and long-term storage of liquid fertilizers.

Fabricated from high-strength, polymeric materials, these flexible, reusable tanks are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, extreme climates, and direct sunlight.

Flexible tanks, commonly termed pillow tanks, are grouped according to their proposed use as reservoirs for the transportation and storage of petroleum products, various types of fuels, lubricants, chemicals, liquids, and bulk food products.

Generally, they are manufactured in different capacities and volumes, ranging from 0.25 m³ to 500 m³.


  • Traditional steel tanks and metal drums cannot compare to the low weight and easy maneuverability of flexible tanks
  • When empty, 50 folded flexible tanks can be transported in a standard-size shipping container, making on-site delivery extremely cost-effective
  • Lightweight, flexible tanks require no expensive site preparation works or the construction of a warehouse in the field
  • The entire installation process for receiving and deploying a UAN-32 polymeric liquid fertilizer reservoir, with a team of three people without specialized training, takes less than one hour.

Beneficial Features Summarised

Often referred to as pillow tanks, our hermetic reservoirs for the storage of liquid fertilizers offer these unique features:

  • Rapid production and deployment
  • Light-weight
  • Compact storage/transport dimensions, 50 m³ flexible tank weighs 140 kg
  • Reusable
  • Minimal preparatory site work and maintenance
  • Highly resistant to stored chemicals, various climates, ultraviolet radiation, corrosion, and seismic events
  • Comparatively low price
  • Long service life
  • Deploying the reservoir does not require expensive preparatory work, heavy equipment, or specialized personnel, lowering the overall cost.
  • Temporary field storage is possible
  • Easily transportable by almost any means to ordinarily inaccessible places, including using any light vehicle.

These unique features offer efficient use of flexible fertilizer tanks because they provide safe, reliable, high-quality storage of the contents.

Our engineers also designed the technology and launched the production of another unique product - 20 and 40-ft container soft liners for the transportation of fertilizers by road and rail, as well as for long-term storage in metal containers.


Neftetank maintains a stock of flexible tanks in various sizes for a wide range of applications at its warehouse. In the absence of the required size or capacity, we can offer the shortest possible production leed-time to fulfill your order and deliver the product/s in any quantity.

Typical sizes of fertilizer tanks are in stock:

  • Flexible tank 1 m³ or MP-NT 1 U - capacity 1 cube
  • Flexible tank 2 m³ or MP-NT 2 U - capacity 2 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 3 m³ or MR-NT 3 U - capacity 3 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 4 m³ or MP-NT 4 U - capacity 4 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 5 m³ or MP-NT 5 U - capacity 5 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 8 m³ or MP-NT 8 U - capacity 8 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 10 m³ or MP-NT 10 U - capacity of 10 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 20 m³ or MP-NT 20 U - capacity 20 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 25 m³ or MP-NT 25 U - capacity 25 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 30 m³ or MP-NT 30 U - capacity 30 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 50 m³ or MP-NT 50 U - capacity 50 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 100 m³ or MP-NT 100 U - capacity 100 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 150 m³ or MP-NT 150 U - capacity 150 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 200 m³ or MP-NT 200 U - capacity 200 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 250 m³ or MP-NT 250 U - capacity 250 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 300 m³ or MP-NT 300 U - capacity 300 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 400 m³ or MP-NT 400 U - capacity 400 cubic meters
  • Flexible tank 500 m³ or MP-NT 500 U - capacity 500 cubic meters

All products come carefully packaged and complete with all necessary technical documentation.


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