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Tanks for pipe repair

During planned or emergency repair of pipelines it is necessary to drain the fluid along the line. In this case, the effective
and cost-efficient option is to use flexible tank fluid for temporary storage.

Soft polymeric pipe repair reservoir with pillow shapes is produced from a patented polymeric material which does not interact with the harmful environmental liquid that finds its way along the conduit. Therefore, storage in such tanks ensures a long period of time.

Tanks are produced considering peculiarities of each type of liquid: diesel fuel, oil, and petrol. Their sizes range from
0,025 to 500 m³, but can be manufactured by Neftetank GC in other dimensions on request.

These reservoirs can be used in different climatic zones. They can withstand temperatures from 60 ºC to +85 ºC.


Flexible tank can be spread out, during repair of pipeline, on the bare ground in a location convenient to drain the fuel
for subsequent storage.

Delivery to the storage site can be carried by any light vehicle as the capacity of a 50 m ³ tank is just 140 kg
and that of a 250 m³ is 500 kg. The dimensions are minimal when folded.

Such a tank is prepared for work within 3-5 min. It can be carried to storage site and rolled out on the ground. The package may include impervious canopy that protects the tank from the external environment and protects the soil from leaking oil.

It includes drain fittings whose diameter ranges from 0.5 to 3 inches (DN40 and DN65 Standard). Also available are pumps, valves, pressure-suction hoses. Air that can get into the tank during filling is discharged through the air outlet.

Flexible reservoirs pipeline repairs can be reused. After each use they can be folded and moved to another location.


  • No need to perform preliminary preparatory work when placing containers for draining the pipeline. Easy to transport thanks to small dimensions and weight and, hence, low transportation costs.
  • Short installation and dismantling time which is especially important in emergency repair of pipelines. Besides, it does
    not require special equipment, and as a result low labour costs.
  • Possibility of use in a wide range of favourable and unfavourable temperatures in any climatic zone as well as on any soil.
  • Long life-span with reusability, reliability.
  • Does not disturb the ecology. No need for soil reclamation.
  • Much more cost-effective than the use of metal tanks and drums.
  • Repair of pipelines using flexible tanks is cost-efficient as it requires minimal manpower and financial resources.

The product is completed with a set of complete carefully packaged technical documentation.


Neftetank GC products are certified by the GOST-R State Standard of the Russian Federation, as well as by Fire
and Environmental Certification of the Russian Federation.


Call 8-800-500-54-48and we will help choose the necessary product for you, and explain
how to derive the maximum advantage from pipeline repair with flexible tanks.

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