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Tanks for Pipe Repair

During planned or emergency repair of pipelines, it is necessary to drain the liquid within the line. In this case, an effective and cost-efficient option is to use a flexible tank for temporary storage.

During the repair or technical shutdown of a pipeline, a storage tank for oil products is required. However, it is not always convenient or cost-effective to transport metal tanks, much less plastic tanks that are unsafe, to discharge the line and drain oil-based products. An excellent alternative and solution are flexible polymer containers - oil tanks. The distinguishing feature of these tanks is their lightweight yet large capacity allowing for the rapid transferral of a large quantity of liquid.

For example, to drain 50 m³ of oil, at least three fuel trucks are required. However, a flexible polymer tank of 50 m³ can be brought to the repair site in a passenger car and laid out in 4-5 minutes. Compare this to transporting and installing a standard metal tank of 25 m³ at the repair site; you would need special equipment to assemble the tank or foundation works if the metal tank was mounted on-site. In contrast, a soft tank of 25 m³ weighs less than 100 kg and can be rapidly deployed by several workers without the use of special equipment.

Prices for overflow tanks used in the repair of pipelines start at 15,000 rubles and depend on the volume, any additional equipment, delivery services, installation, and service package for future maintenance.

Flexible, polymeric pipe repair reservoirs are pillow-shaped tanks produced from a patented polymeric material inert to the aggressive nature of the liquid within the pipeline, allowing for long-term storage of the substance.

Diesel, oil, gasoline tanks are manufactured based on the characteristics of the liquid that is going to be stored. Standard sizes range from 0,025 to 500 m³; however, other dimensions can be manufactured by Neftetank on request.

These reservoirs can be used in different climatic zones, as they are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from 60 ºC to +85 ºC.


The flexible tank is spread out on the bare ground in a location convenient to drain the fuel (or other liquid) from the pipeline for subsequent storage during the repair.

Delivery to the storage site can be carried by any passenger vehicle as the capacity of a 50 m³ tank is just 140 kg, and that of a 250 m³ is 500 kg. The dimensions are minimal when folded.

Such a tank can be operational within 3-5 min. Upon arrival at the storage site, the tank is deployed and rolled out on the ground. The package may include an impervious groundsheet that further protects the tank from external environmental factors and protects the soil from any spilled oil.

Inlet/outlet fittings with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 3 inches (DN40 and DN65 Standard) are included, and pumps, valves, and pressure-suction hoses can also be supplied as needed. Air that may enter into the tank during filling is discharged through the air outlet.

Flexible reservoirs for pipeline repairs are reusable. After each use, they can be folded and moved to another location very simply.

Our flexible tanks are great for refurbishing oil pipelines. Metal containers and tanks are bulky, heavy, and often require site-works before installation. Additionally, metal tanks cannot rapidly be dismantled and transported to the worksite with only a passenger car. However, a flexible oil tank is convenient because it does not require qualified personnel to install the tank, foundation site work, or special equipment for lifting and transportation.

Pipeline repairs are often in different sections, located at a considerable distance from each other. In this case, a flexible tank is indispensable since it takes only a few minutes to set up and get to work. Once completed, it only takes another few minutes to fold it back up and put it in a car for transportation to the next place of work.

Flexible tanks can also be used to create temporary fuel storage depots (PSG fuel storage field, fuel and lubricant storage), details concerning the organization of a fuel storage field can be found in the corresponding SECTION of our website.


  • No need to perform preliminary preparatory work when delivering tanks for draining a pipeline
  • Easy to transport thanks to small dimensions and lightweight, meaning reduced logistical costs
  • Rapid installation and dismantling, especially crucial for emergency pipeline repairs. Additionally, no special equipment is required, meaning lower labor costs
  • Possible to use in a wide range of favorable and unfavorable temperatures in any climatic zone as well as on any soil
  • Reliable long life-span with reusability
  • Environmentally friendly. No need for soil reclamation
  • Much more cost-effective than the use of metal tanks and drums
  • Pipeline repairs using flexible tanks is cost-efficient as it requires a minimal workforce and financial resources.

All products come carefully packaged and complete with all necessary technical documentation.


Neftetank and it's subsidiary's products are certified by the GOST-R State Standard of the Russian Federation, as well as by the Fire and Environmental Certification of the Russian Federation.


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