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Flexible Fire Reservoir

Arranging fire protection and firefighting tanks for any large-scale operation is a must. Often well-known metal RVS tanks and more recently modern, flexible tanks are used in the extinguishing of fires.

Flexible reservoirs, or as they are also called, flexible polymer reservoirs, are made of a special polymer that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and strong enough for use under extreme operating conditions. Flexible firefighting tanks are unique in that they do not require any special equipment or specially trained personnel for their transportation and installation.

Prices for Flexible Fire Reservoirs start at 15,000 rubles depending on the individual tank capacity, the total size of a depot, any additional equipment, delivery services, installation, and a service package for on-going maintenance.

Flexible fire tanks can also be used as a reserve tank, since we also supply open-style and prefabricated tanks, often called frame tanks. Frame tanks, usually of the open type, are installed on any terrain and are most unpretentious in their operation. Such fire extinguishing reservoirs offer capacities of up to 500 cubic meters and are most effective for rapidly providing fire prevention measures.

The difficulty, impracticability, and high cost of laying pipelines over long distances during emergencies makes flexible fire tanks a most acceptable alternative.

  • Water reserves for firefighting in flexible tanks, together with pump modules and a patented heating system for flexible reservoirs, can provide year-round fire protection for both industrial and natural sites.
  • The ability to supply water from a firefighting storage tank located on-site helps to localize and eliminate any fire in the shortest possible time, which is extremely important for industrial enterprises.
  • Flexible fire tanks lightweight, corrosion resistance, easy installation, and low maintenance offer significant advantages over other types of firefighting tanks.
  • A Patented polymer material is used to fabricate Flexible fire reservoirs which typically have a pillow shape. The tank capacity, depending on its intended purpose, can range from 1 m³ to 250 m³.
  • Water can simply be supplied to flexible fire tanks both by typical land transport methods and helicopters, allowing greater ease of use by Fire and Emergency Services when fighting fires.

Schematic diagram of water delivery for firefighting in remote and inaccessible areas:

Flexible fire tanks can be used in different climatic zones since the material does not lose its integrity at temperatures ranging from -60 ºC to +85 ºC.

Even at freezing temperatures, tanks that feature our patented heater system can maintain a favorable temperature, thus remaining operational. If the liquid stored freezes in the absence of a heating system, the tank will remain airtight as the material will retain its structural integrity, unlike many metal tanks.

Below are the most common and popular sizes:

  • Flexible capacity 1 m³
  • Flexible capacity 2 m³
  • Flexible capacity 3 m³
  • Flexible capacity 4 m³
  • Flexible capacity 5 m³
  • Flexible capacity 8 m³
  • Flexible capacity 10 m³
  • Flexible capacity 20 m³
  • Flexible capacity 25 m³
  • Flexible capacity 50 m³
  • Flexible capacity 100 m³

Prices for Flexible Fire Tanks depend on their volume; for example, the cost of a 25m³ and a Capacity 50m³ will be different. However, tanks are discounted at times and significantly reduced, even when there is a need for several fire tanks. For example, 50 m³ capacity tanks can be purchased at a discount because it is a standard size, and always in stock. Ready-made standard size tanks are continually available from our warehouse. Otherwise, we also offer made-to-order sizes and capacities.


Neftetank GC products are certified by the GOST-R State Standard of the Russian Federation, as well as by the “fire and environmental certification systems of the Russian Federation.” Most importantly, though, the efficiency and reliability of our products are confirmed in practice.

Neftetank is the owner of the “Frost Resistant tank” and “Tank Heating System” patents.


In addition to water storage in remote locations where fire brigades are absent, flexible fire tanks can be used to deliver water directly to a fire front.

The installation of our Flexible Fire Tanks does not require preliminary site preparations. Empty tanks are lightweight,
with a 50m³ capacity tank weighing 140 kg and 250m³, only 500 kg. When packaged, they are compact in size, allowing them to be delivered to the water source site by an ordinary car or inaccessible places
by helicopter.

Preparation of the tank for filling with water takes a mere 3-5 minutes. Once laid out on-site or onboard the transport, connect the valves to the supply hoses through which water then fills the tank.

Once the tank is filled or has been transported to the site and placed on the ground, firefighters who arrived via the same helicopter or transport can reconnect the reservoir to their pump and delivery hoses setting the extinguishing process in motion.

All supplied products come carefully packaged and complete with the relevant technical documentation.


  • No need to prepare the site before installation, simplified transportation of empty tanks;
  • Operational in different climatic zones and terrains. Reliable operation at low temperatures, seismically safe;
  • Rapid deployment for water filling;
  • Reusable with a long lifespan;
  • Transportable by helicopter;
  • Economically viable thanks to reduced labor costs during installation and setup, besides reduced transportation costs of empty containers.

Start saving resources now by using Flexible Fire Reservoirs,
convenient, and easy to operate!

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